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IR 센서

Bolometer IR MEMS Sensor (ROIC Target Spec)

  • Detection of the infrared wavelength region : 8~14um
  • Temperature transmission efficiency : 0.4% (4mK/K)
    (Object 1K variation ▶ Bolometer 4mK variation)
  • Thermal time constant of a bolometer pixel : 13ms
  • MEMS Resistance : Typ. 100㏀ Min. 70 Max. 140
  • Resistance Deviation : Typ. -30% ~ + 40%

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ROIC Electric Spec

항목 세부항목 사양
Electrical characteristics Operating voltage Core : 1.8V (±10%)
I/O : 3.3V (±10%)
Analog : 3.3V (±10%)
Power consumption Normal : under 50mW
standby : 50uA
Power Down : 2uA
Operate characteristics MCLK up to 32MHz
Frame rate 1~120fps
Operating temperature range -20~60℃
Storage temperature range -50~150℃
Function POR(Power On Reset), H/W reset pin
Interface EBI up to 16MHz
SPI Asynchronous SPI, up to 16MHz
Memory Pixel (frame memory) 80x82x12bit = 9.8Kbyte
DAC (frame memory) 80x82x10bit = 8.2Kbyte
OTP 128byte, IC Trim, Product ID
ADC Architecture Pipelined ADC
Resolution 12bits
Sampling rate 1.3Msps
Operation frequency 1MHz
Power consumption 1mA
DAC Architecture R2R DAC
Resolution 10bits(Step : 0.97mV)
Power consumption 80uA/Channel